fighting tall poppy syndrome one dream at a time.

Our goal has always been to inspire and empower others to chase and achieve their dreams. Tall Poppy Syndrome is an issue many of us are faced with that undermines the core of our aspirations, and marking the three year anniversary of our ‘dreams’ tee, we wanted to launch a project aimed at eliminating Tall Poppy Syndrome, one dream at a time.

The way it works is simple; enter your dreams on our website and help others with theirs. Perhaps someone’s dream aligns in a field you specialise in, or know someone that does. With your help, they could achieve them. In return, others in the community will do their best to help you achieve yours. Creating an ecosystem of support for one another and a step towards changing the culture for good because there’s enough space for all of us to win! From me to you, I hope all your dreams come true.